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The Community Cafe Team


Because we simply care ...

The Community Café is Founded by Pat Ciaccio whose family background spans over five generations of leaders in the hospitality industry. From bakeries and coffee shops to full service restaurants, hotels, resorts and retail establishments. Providing quality service in a family first work environment is what we know and what we do best! Along our journey we have met countless amazing people, each with their own inspiring story. The Community Café is where those stories can be retold and new stories can be written. Our goal is for the world to hear the voices of the people who tell those stories.

Pat has always had a family-first work environment and an endless passion for assisting the community and individuals with special needs. It was the perfect combination to integrate his experience in hospitality with his passion for helping people.

Image by Carlos Bastias


Working behind the scenes 24/7

The Community Café is a non-profit business with a Board of Directors mentoring team and partnered with Katbrat Studios, Lombardo Coaching & Consulting and The Leyda Group. Together, the Founding Team will build a cohesive and inclusive environment all striving for two main goals. Step workforce training and advancement for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and a multi outlet, exceptional Food and Beverage experience for our guests.


  • Dr. Mohammed Saleh

  • Dr. Alexis Dempsey-Doyle

  • Seth Ravenna

  • Jodi Ann Gordon

  • Wasim Kayal

  • Pat Ciaccio

  • Dan Ciaccio

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