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Local Non-Profit Cafe and Community Center to Provide Workforce Training and Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The team at Community Café is pleased to announce its Non-Profit multi-functioning café and community center will provide employment training, workshops and education for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and resources for local businesses interested in hiring.


Founded by Pat Ciaccio, former General Manager of Saddlebrook, whose family background spans over five generations of leaders in the hospitality industry. Pat has always had a family-first work environment and an endless passion for assisting the community and individuals with special needs. It was the perfect combination to integrate his experience in hospitality with his passion for helping people.


The Community Café takes pride not only in serving delicious and popular treats such as coffee, ice cream, smoothies, and muffins, but also in its role as a hub for community learning and growth. Ciaccio states, “Our "Shining Stars" will deliver a high-quality food and beverage experience with exceptional guest service in a tranquil, family oriented, decompressing, “Team Greater Than Me” environment.”


As a non-profit organization led by a Board of Directors, the Café is dedicated to creating a cohesive and inclusive environment where individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can receive workforce training and advancement opportunities. Additionally, the Café strives to provide guests with a unique and exceptional food and beverage experience through multiple outlets, as well as educate and connect the community and businesses through events, workshops, and a weekly podcast all held in the café educational center.


According to Kat Mahoney, Chief Operating Officer, these individuals and their families are tired of waiting for businesses to change. "My daughter and my son are on the Autism Spectrum, and I’ve seen how businesses can greatly impact their future.” Mahoney said, "We have moved beyond awareness, so businesses need to stop talking and start hiring."


Mahoney says the community is crucial to the mission of the Community Café and partnering businesses are the key to changing the narrative. "We're seeking businesses who want to be a part of the change and join us on this mission. They can sponsor parts of the cafe, join our Reach for the Stars Network, or make a generous contribution."


To find out more about the Community Cafe visit or contact Kat Mahoney at





“Where Stars Shine,” Community Café in Wesley Chapel, FL is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a cohesive and inclusive environment while pursuing two primary objectives. Step workforce training and advancement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as a multi-outlet, exceptional food, and beverage experience for guests.



To learn more about Community Café or to arrange an interview, please contact Kat Mahoney.




Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn @communitycafefl

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