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Meet Astrid, a seven year old Filipino girl with a love for cosplay, video games, D&D, baking, and solving mysteries. Astrid also has a wild imagination that tends to get away from her and sometimes gets her into sticky situations. But this time Astrid literally has a sticky situation! A missing cupcake! this mystery needs to be solved quickly so it doesn't ruin someones day.


This will be fulfilled by Katbrat Studios Publishers.


Portion of proceeds go to the Community Cafe to help support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities obtain employment and workforce training.

Astrid and the Case of the Missing Cupcake

  • VOIDSTARZ "V" is a Digital Artist & Content Creator who copes with Autism, Anxiety, Social Phobia, and Fibromyalgia. V was bullied in high school due to her Autism and art helped her cope. Currently she illustrates and animates original characters and comics, while writing creative storylines based on strange and quirky characters. For commissioned work or digital graphics, visit www.voidstarz.ART

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